Why I scrap

22 04 2007

It all started when my mom told me that she wasn’t able to save most of my childhood photos from our old house. It was very sad. She gave me what was left of my pictures. I Hold them so dearly since they are very few, so I decided to scrapbook them.

I was then introcuced to scrapbooking. Ever since then, everytime I get a new set of supplies or new tools, I can’t wait to use them. So yes, I’ve redone my pages over and over again. I’m just Obsessive Complusive that way. I have to keep changing it until I’m completely happy with my layout.

I seriosly got into scrapbooking last year. I decided to use my supplies till they run out before I buy anymore. But that didn’t happen. So I changed my promise, I will only buy stuff that I will surely use…right away…
…we’ll see about that.

I’ve been reading Creating Keepsakes Magazines, I Scrap by Cathy Z, and looking online at other people’s work. I would like to be able to share the joy of scrapbooking to others, but my main task right now… To finish archiving my old pictures, and to develop my own Scrapbooking style. =)

My baby holding my newest book




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