Aaron’s Digital Scrapbook

17 07 2007

We’ve been taking pictures of Aaron since he was born. There are some pictures that are just too amazing that they can’t just be left alone as a photo. That’s when I started playing around with photoshop. Then, soon after that, I started experimenting with digital scrapbooking. I have to admit, it’s one of the most amazing innovations ever. Scarpbooking without the mess. =) I wanted to create a book of all the photoshop/digital scrapbook pages I’ve made for him since he was born. Its been so much work trying to organize the pages and making sure that they are the correct format to fit the pages. Initially, I made the pages in either 12×12 or 6×6. As it turns out, it’s difficult to find a publisher for square books. So now, I have to fit my square pages on rectangle pages. And then, we have to make sure are files are compatible with the layouts of the publisher. So much work. On top of that, there were some photos that I either didn’t make scrapbook pages of, which I should’ve or some pages that I want to redo. I didn’t get to scrapbook all of the photos. Some were just photoshoped. I realize that I will never finish this book if I try to make a page for every single photo that I liked. And to think that I even decided to stop on Aaron’s 2nd Bday page. Currently, I have 75 pages in total. And my husband even reminded me that I missed one more from last Christmas. I was sure I made one. The question was, did I save it??? hahaha I guess the next time I have time to spare, I better get working on that. =)




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