Gingerbread Men

17 12 2007

After my disappointing experience trying to put together a gingerbread house,

I used a Wilton Gingerbread House kit and the icing was way too think and tough. I told myself I wasn’t gonna do that again for a long time, unless I really planned it carefully.

But it being the holiday seasons and there are Gingerbread men everywhere we look, my 2 year old started asking for a Gingerbread Man cookie. And there is now way I was going to buy a gingerbread man kit or buy him an already made one that he wouldn’t finish. So I found a solution…

These are small GingerMan cookies made by Pepperidge Farm. I also found some cheap red and green writing icing for one dollar. And some chocolate chip morsels. This was much more easier than making the Gingerbread house!

I know they’re not the cutest GingerBread Men, but it is my first time and besides, they were just gonna be consumed by a two year old anyway. He actually enjoyed it and the best part of it was, he got to experience the taste of his first gingerbread man! =)




One response

21 12 2008

Cute gingerbread men and a good idea. I just posted a recipe for them if you ever want to give it a try. It’s pretty easy.

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