KatScrap is closed

17 12 2007

Two weeks ago, while we were driving around, I wanted to pass by KatScrap to pick up a few stickers.  Then it happened, I saw that the sign is no longer there.  Oh no! Not another Scrapbooking store closed!  Unfortunately, that is the case!  How sad!




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21 12 2007

Hi Kristine. Love your blog(s). Your hubby always links me to them but ive never commented directly to you! Hope all is well… congrats on baby #2!!! I’ll be checking in with you from time to time to read up all all your haps, baby woos and creative crafting!!

❤ Carlene

p.s. Ive linked you on my site as well! Take Care!!

3 02 2008

Hey Kristine. Was just crusing the blog logs, and saw your post about KatScrap. Were you talking about the store in Altadena, CA? If you are, its alive and well, just a few feet down the street…INSIDE Karen’s Hallmark Shop. We had to do a few moves and name changes, but the product and classes are still going on? Are you on the e-mail list? Let me know at katscrapfever@sbcglobal.net. happy scrappin!

7 02 2008

Yes the one in Altadena! I’m so happy you told me, i will pass by again soon! thanks!

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