Felt Project #1

28 01 2008

I’ve been on bed-rest for about a month now.  My mind keeps running a hundred miles per minute and I can’t stop thinking about making stuff.  But I need to be relaxing my back as much as possible.  I figured, I need to have a craft that I can do without having to stress myself so much sitting on a chair.  

My attention was caught by a wall decoration my mom got me when I was a little girl in the Philippines.  It was my name spelled in different colored letters made out of felt, embroidery floss and some stuffing.  I even remember having a project to make my own initials as a project for 6th or 7th grade using the same concept.

 With that in mind, I gathered my felt throughout the years, my embroidery floss, and started working. The best thing is that I can do this while I’m on the bed or on the sofa. How cool is that!
Felt Project #1




2 responses

28 01 2008

Thats so cute! I love working with felt. I once took a boring old sweater and cut flowers and leaves out of felt and stitched them on the back bottom corner as a little design. I got a lot of compliments on it. Felt is so versatile… =]

By the way I just started a little social network of crafters, bloggers, domestic divas/divos, etc where we can all come together and share ideas. I thought that you’d be a perfect new member (everyone is welcome though…even if you’re not a crafter). If you want to check it out, you can go to apt310g.ning.com. =] (I’m Jane there)

24 10 2008

These are the CUTEST ever!

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