How to make a Valentine’s mailbox

9 02 2008

A Valentine’s mailbox is perfect to keep all the valentines that your child receive from his or her friends and loved ones. It is also a very good project for children in a classroom and all of them can decorate their own mailboxes to be put out on Valentine’s day ready to receive cute cards from their classmates.

Die Cut mailbox

For this mailbox I used:

1 Empty Tissue Paper Box

Scrapbook Paper

Heavy Cardstock

Paper piercings, stickers, etc




1. Cover the tissue box with scrapbook paper.

2. Cut out the cardstock to any shape you desire and tape to the back side of the tissue box standing up.

3. Decorate the box and cardstock using die cut shapes, paper piercings or drawings. (I went to for an image to trace)

Here’s my mailbox from last year:

Valentine's Mailbox 1

This project can easily be done by children ages 5 and up but younger children can also help out decorating the box.




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21 01 2009

can you tell me the instructions

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