Medicine Cups

17 02 2008

You know those medicine cups that you normally throw away after you use it for your syrups, or those sauce containers that come with your chinese food? Well, you don’t have to throw them away just yet, with a little creativity and imagination, you might find a second purpose for them, before they hit the trash.
Other uses of medicine cups/ sauce containers:
1. You can sort the vitamins you take everyday and put them in a different container for you to take one day at a time.
2. The cups can be a good container to hold your paint if you’re doing a small art project.
3. They can also hold other small pieces of arts and craft materials such as buttons, sequins, brads, etc.
4. Children can use them as stacking toys to help them develop their hand and eye coordination.
5. They can be used for pretend play as small chairs, tables, hats, cups, etc.
6. Several cups can be put inside a small box and used as separate containers to hold other small household items such as beads, pins, paper clips, etc.




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