Scrapbooking on a Budget

19 02 2008

It’s fun to scrapbook and many times you don’t even have to spend a fortune on it. Here are a few tips on how to scrapbook on a budget.

1. Sign up for mailers from different scrapbooking or craft stores. Many times, they offer specials and discount coupons in their mailers. Some stores also have discount coupons printed in newspapers or magazines that you can use to save.

2. Never pay full price for your supplies. Always look around for a better deal. Or if you just wait a little longer, some supplies go out of date and they go on clearance for less than half the original price.

3. Learn to doodle- you can save on stickers and labels by making your own doodles. You can even doodle your titles and phrases for your pages.

4. Swap supplies with a friend. If you have a few extra sheets of the same kind of paper that you can live without, swap with a scrapbooker friend. You might end up with cool stuff like some paper you really like or even embellishments and stickers.

5. Take advantage of crop nights. For a nominal fee, some scrapbook stores offer crop night when they let you use their die cutting machines, funky scissors, punchers, embossers, etc. It sure beats buying each tool separately, which you’ll probably use for just a little time anyway.

6. Don’t buy layout idea books. You can easily get layout ideas from the Internet through different layout galleries for free. Some websites are or even

7. Save everything. Save the pretty wrapping from the present you received on your last birthday. Save the tags and ribbons that came in that box of chocolates you bought. Save the buttons from that worn out purse you got from the discount store.

8. Learn to repurpose items. You can alter old gift tags with scrap paper. You can also use any paper clip and glue a cut out of a paper on it. An old greeting card or gift bag can be cut out and be used as a decoration to one of your pages. Old silk flowers can be taken apart and be glued on your pages as well.

9. Use your photos. Focus on your photos not on the layout of your pages. Sometimes, people get too carried away in decorating their pages. Try to work with the photos you have and just add minimal decorations or embellishments if you have to.

~Kristine Cruz-Munda




2 responses

21 02 2008

great tips! scrapbooking definitely digs deep into the pocketbook 🙂

21 02 2008
zephyr sloan

nice article!
helpful tips too!

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