Tips for preserving your pages

19 02 2008

There are many ways to preserve your scrapbook pages. Thank goodness for new products manufactured everyday and the development of technology that is now available to the public. But the best method of preserving your pages will ultimately depend on what kind of project you’re working on.

1. Unfinished pages can be kept in a multi file folder for easy access. You can also use drawers or boxes that are designed to fit scrapbook pages. If you can’t go to a specialty scrapbook store, some home stores like Target or Walmart might even have these available to you.

2. For your finished pages, there are scrapbook albums for pages ranging from 5×5 inches to 12×12 inches. These albums are bounded with hard covers are equipped with plastic sleeves to protect your work.

3 You can also scan your pages or take pictures of them so you can have them in your computer. Once you have them in your computer, you can create a slide show of you work and even burn it onto a cd.

4. If you’re working with a project such as a gift book. You can find a nice box to put it in and keep it to preserve your project. Stores like Joanne’s, Michael’s or even The Container store will have a box to fit the size of whatever project you’re working on.

5. There are also some shadow boxes that are made specifically for scrapbook pages. These are frames that fit pages up to size 12×12. It’s a wonderful option if you want to show off your page as a decoration in a room.

6. Some scrapbooking supply stores now have scrapbooking calendars. These are 12X12 calendars that have the month printed out but on the top part is blank where you would normally see a photograph of some sort. This is a great way to have a personalized calendar. Also, you get to display a different scrapbook page every month.

These are some tips on preserving your pages, maybe even encourage you to do more with them. So what are you waiting for? Let’s Scrap!

~Kristine Cruz-Munda




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