How to make your own embellishments

29 02 2008

Many times, when you scrapbook, it’s not the paper that’s expensive, it’s the embellishments and stickers that can get you.  Here are a few tips to help save you some money by using materials that may already be in your home to make your own scrapbook embellishments. 

1. Use Stamps- You can ink or paint a stamp, stamp it onto a piece of paper, then create a mat with a contrasting color. Then glue onto your page.

2. Use punchers- If you have any shaped punchers, you can use them in different other materials aside from scrapbook paper. You can punch shapes out of calendars, photos, magazines and even cereal boxes.

3. Cut out patterns- If you see a pretty pattern or picture on a magazine or on a scrapbook paper, cut around the shape and mat it onto another sheet of paper.

4. Make your own rub ons- If you have a transparency sheet around the house, you can print a word or image on it using an inkjet printer. You might have to set it on reverse so it would come out right when you’re ready to apply. After you print your design, you can lay it on top of your project and rub with a popsicle stick to transfer the design.

5. Use glue- You can make designs using a liquid glue onto a piece of paper and sprinkle with glitter, sequence, beads, etc.

6. Be creative with ribbon or string- String beads, buttons, some hardware such as nuts or washers. Sew some string around paper cut outs. And you can also tie ribbons in different ways.

7. Trace- You can trace letters, shapes and ornaments from magazines and color them with markers, crayons and watercolors.

8. Paint- Aside from painting stamps, you can also paint directly on the paper and make designs.

9. Doodle- Using a marker or a thick pen tip, you can doodle titles, designs and journal entries on your scrapbook.

~Kristine Cruz-Munda




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