O Scraps!!!

29 02 2008

The other day, I attempted a task I’ve been avoiding to do for quite a while now…. to clean my scrapbook cabinet!

I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to do everything in one sitting, so I at least went through one box I haven’t seen for a while. It had vellum sheets with quotations, some chipboard alphabets, an many pieces of scraps. I was about to chicken out on this task and decided to shove everything back into the closet, when the cabinet wouldn’t even close anymore. Ooops!

I looked inside to see what was going on, as it turns out, I have stacks and stacks of 12×12 sheets that have managed to tumbled on top of each other. Now I didn’t have a choice but to at least go over the stacks and make sure my cabinet closes.

I took out the scraps and tried to shove them into my other drawer of nothing but scraps. They won’t fit either, GREAT! What to do, what to do?
I wasn’t about to throw away these scraps especially since they’re so pretty and are still in good condition.

I was planning on making albums anyway, so I grabbed my paper cutter and got as many scraps as I can find. The ones that were big enough, I cut them into 4.25-4.5 x 6.25-6.5 rectangles. The ones that were smaller, I cut them into 3.25-3.5×3.25-3.50 squares. I figured, they would work wonderfully as mats for 4×6 and 3×3 photos. The really small scraps I used a scallop and a circle puncher to make a variety of paper pieces.


The only problem is that yesterday I bought more paper and started working on a another project, which means more scraps on its merry way.
I’m not sure when I’ll be able to make more mats again =( boo!




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