Let’s Recycle

5 03 2008

Lately, I’ve been getting more conscious about the environment. We’ve started in out own little way by putting away recyclable drink containers and hopefully bringing them to the recycling center.

I’ve also been repurposing some items like medicine cups, yogurt cups, other food containers, etc. 

I’m working on a project that I’m soon to put up on my ETSY store using recycled materials. I’m so excited!

For the meantime, here’s something I came up working with a yogurt cup, yarn, straw and scrap paper and beads.

Yogurt Cup Mobile

And today in the mail, instead of my regular mailer that I’ve been waiting for, I get more JUNKMAIL! Grrrr…. And I saw this postcard…

JunkMail Postcard

Considering I should be giving birth anytime now, I need a Mommy Emergency book to make all my dreaded phone calls for work and insurance. So, instead of transferring all my info in one sheet of paper which can easily get misplaced, I made this Mommy book…

Mommy Book

Mommy Book




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