Make your own Cardboard Embellishments

27 03 2008

There are a lot of embellishments for scrapbooking and card making you can make using recycled corrugated cardboard. Examples are posted below for more ideas. I started by taking a piece of a cardboard box and removing the top layer to show the corrugated side. Then, I started incorporating some design ideas to the cardboard.

Cardboard embellishments

1. Border- Take a long strip of cardboard and do a rough tear on one side and glue to the side of your paper.

2. Ice Cream Cone- Cut a triangle on the cardboard. For the ice cream, you can make a cut out shape from bubble wrap for some dimension.

3. Frame- Prepare a square from the cardboard, then, cut out a smaller square to create a window. When you’re finished, tie a ribbon for decoration and mount on a piece of colored card stock.

4. Tag- Cut out a tag shape from the cardboard. Punch a hole on top and attach a string or ribbon to your tag. Finally, decorate with paper cut outs or stickers.

5. Stars- Cut out star shapes from the cardboard. To add extra dimension to your stars, glue a button in the middle of your star shape.

~Kristine Cruz-Munda




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