Boy Baby Shower

10 08 2008

We attended my cousin in law’s baby shower today. I’ve gotten her a present a while back but I haven’t had the time (due to our massive cleaning project at home) to wrap it up and make her a card. I waited till the last minute. How predictable of me.

Anyway, check out this inexpensive stamp I found at the Dollar Tree in NoHo last weekend.

stork stamp

For a second, I was disappointed, thinking I wasted my $1. =P It looked pretty plain after seeing it on print. Then I had an idea. I decided to print it a few times on papers with different patterns and Voila!

Stork card

And about that present…
The easiest thing to do was to put them in a gift bag. Then, I thought I could use a cute basket instead and arrange the items nicely. I figured, it would be cool to add some diapers to the gift as well.

The party was an hour away so I thought I’d just buy a bag of diapers and give it as is, as an addition to the gift basket. But my husband said it would be better if I tried to be crafty. Well, being a submissive wife and all, I listened to him. I decided to make her a diaper cake with the other presents to give her for the shower.

Here’s the final product…

Boy Diaper Cake

It was a small two tier diaper cake with two outfits, three bibs and a cute pair of shoes. Not too bad for having only one hour to come up with the idea and putting it together..whew!




3 responses

10 08 2008

Very impressive! I love shopping for baby shower stuff at the dollar store. They carry so much stuff.
I like the ribbon you used for the diaper cake. It came out nicely.

10 08 2008

LOL. You sound just like me, leaving all of the crafty gift stuff up to the last minute.
The card and the diaper cake came out great!

11 08 2008

oh that card turned out so cute! i am doing a shower for my sis in a month…i just may come to you for a few suggestions… 😉

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