Creating frenzy

3 12 2008

I’ve been making more bows for DD lately, but I haven’t had much time to upload them. So much is going on and it’s been difficult to sneak out of bed to blog and upload pix. But I’m trying to catch up.



I’ve also figured that DD’s first birthday theme will be Hello Kitty, my favorite of course. So I’m putting together ideas on how to make it extra special. I’m experimenting on Hello Kitty themed food we can make for the party. I tried this…

Hello Kitty Rice Krispy Treat

Christmas is coming, I soo need to get started on my Christmas cards. I will, as soon as I get these birthday cards out of the way. =P




One response

7 12 2008

ok the bows are SO cute…as are those rice crispies! how did you get them in the perfect hello kitty shape?? she’s gonna LOVE ’em! i too am working on my christmas card…ahhh time is flying!

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