My Halloween Costume

2 11 2010

I had to borrow DD’s Dinosaur tail so i can have a costume this Halloween…LOL


4 03 2009

This is a cool crafting website I stumbled upon today,

It’s a site of three talented artists Tamie Snow, Amy Cluck and Lauren Brandy. There are links to their respective sites and they also have some very amazing free patterns and tutorials available.

DIY: Hershey’s Rosebud Kisses

4 02 2009

Here’s another easy Valentine’s craft that’s fun to make and give away. Instructions available at

Hershey's Kisses RoseBud

DIY: Valentine’s Tent Favor Boxes

16 01 2009

Valentine's Tent Box

This is a small yet fun way to use some embellishment stash. I used mm’s but any small bagged candies would be great for this project too!

Instructions are here

Concert Set

20 12 2008

I was supposed to lead the construction of the set pieces for the children’s concert, but hubby ended up doing most of it. He did a great job.

the Set
Aren’t they the most awesome background set pieces ever?

Creating frenzy

3 12 2008

I’ve been making more bows for DD lately, but I haven’t had much time to upload them. So much is going on and it’s been difficult to sneak out of bed to blog and upload pix. But I’m trying to catch up.



I’ve also figured that DD’s first birthday theme will be Hello Kitty, my favorite of course. So I’m putting together ideas on how to make it extra special. I’m experimenting on Hello Kitty themed food we can make for the party. I tried this…

Hello Kitty Rice Krispy Treat

Christmas is coming, I soo need to get started on my Christmas cards. I will, as soon as I get these birthday cards out of the way. =P

Bows for baby

8 11 2008

I’ve always wanted to try to make cute baby bows. I’ve seen a lot of people try to make them using the alligator clips. I have some of those too, but my daughter’s hair is growing in a way that those alligator clip just won’t hold her hair. I like putting her hair up using elastic ties instead.

This morning, I had the chance to work on a few for fun. I ended up putting the two ideas together.

Bows for Elle

I made an extra big one too. She likes it and I do too =)

Bow for Elle